Camping Pionier Etrusco


These regulations have been created in the interests of guests at Camping Pionier Etrusco, with the aim of making your stay as enjoyable as possible by setting out a series of rules; these are deemed to be accepted on entry to the campsite, and we remind you that adherence is OBLIGATORY. Therefore all who read and accept these regulations are held responsible for their adherence by all, family members, guests or visitors.

Article 1  On arrival the group/family leader should go to reception with all members of the group, and show the relevant identity documents. Each person will be given their own individual pass – these are strictly personal and failure to comply constitutes violation of the following: Public Safety article 614 (violation of domicile), article 633 (trespass on land or buildings), article 624 (theft of services)

Article 2 All users of the campsite’s spaces and buildings are required to comply with the norms of good conduct, civil education, hygiene etc contained in this document, and to refrain from noisy or inappropriate behaviour which are counter to these regulations. Where this does not occur and/or disputes or conflict arise, the Management will request a return to appropriate conduct. If this is not done, the Management will proceed to remove the individuals and/or group violating the regulations, freeing the pitch or the accommodation occupied, and with the intervention, where needed, of employees or the police, with any costs payable by the offender. The leader of the group and/or person who makes the booking must send a list of group members, complete with names and dates of birth. Acceptance of the group by Camping Pionier Etrusco must be expressed in writing at the foot of the list, which must be the same as that deposited at the campsite. Animals are currently not permitted at Camping Pionier Etrusco, even if small.
Article 3 The Management reserves the discretional and irrevocable right to reject bookings and, even when booked, refuse entry to individuals or groups whose conduct either prior to or after arrival is inappropriate. Those responsible for theft or damage will be removed immediately, in accordance with civil and penal responsibilities.
Article 4 During the open season, the Management works 24 hours a day, every day. The till is open every day from 8.30 to 13.00 and 16.30 to 20.30.
Article 5 Bookings for accommodation are valid only after payment of 50% of the cost of the stay, which should occur within a week of making the booking. The balance is payable on arrival. In the event of delayed arrival, the unit will remain at the customer’s disposal until 10.00 the following day, except where informed by phone. In the event of cancellation: 50% of payment refunded if cancelled 30 days before arrival; 20% refunded if cancelled between 15 and 30 days before arrival; no other refunds will be given. Any disputes by customers regarding stays at the campsite do not entail the right to refund of deposits and payments. indicated in the contract.
Article 6 Camping equipment (caravans, tents, trailer tents and camper vans) and booked accommodation (bungalows and mobile homes) occupy or are placed in positions chosen by the Management. They may only be occupied by individuals duly declared and presented. Under no circumstances may the number of occupants exceed the number declared and the legal limits of the structure. For rental accommodation, the legal limit may only be exceeded by children under 2. Seasonal or monthly passes are individual and may be used solely by the individuals indicated in the contract.
Article 7 For operational and structural reasons, the following is prohibited: the use of potable water for purposes other than human consumption; the sewage system may not be used to dispose of waste water containing antifermentatives, chloride and other substances which may affect water treatment. The use of washing machines and dishwashers is therefore prohibited. Allocation of structures and pitches is done in advance, and may only be changed with the consent of the Management.
Article 8 In the event that the camper is away overnight during their stay, they must: a) on departure, inform the management of their absence, and their car if applicable; b) inform management of their arrival, on accessing the campsite.
Article 9 Inside the campsite, campers – whether heads of family, group leaders or otherwise – are directly responsible for their behaviour and that of their teams, families or groups, as well as any guests or visitors (including children). a) minors are admitted only when accompanied by parents or adult family members who are staying at the campsite. b) children under 8 should be accompanied during use of the various facilities, in the toilet blocks, on the beach, in play parks and sports facilities. c) the management declines all responsibility in this regard, even where the aforementioned spaces and activities are run by entertainers, campsite staff or external partners.
Article 10 The allocated pitch may not be changed without prior authorisation by the management, and it is strictly forbidden to encroach on other pitches. Each pitch is outlined by posts. These posts state the number of the pitch and mark the space it occupies, which must not exceed the contractual area. Pitches may vary in size, and may not be occupied by structures other than those authorised in writing. Barriers or private equipment may not be erected in the aisles between one pitch and the next. All campers are asked to use extreme caution when driving around the campsite because the roads may, by their very nature, be damaged by the roots of the pines or the mobility of the sandy forest floor.
Article 11 Any empty structures (caravans, tents, trailer tents, camper vans) will be charged as a minimum of 2 people, in addition to the price of the structure itself. Long stays must be paid on a weekly basis.
Article 12 Use of the pitch is conditional on payment of the price listed. Prices will be calculated on the basis of the first overnight until 12:00 on the day of departure. After this time, another night will be added to the bill
Article 13 An additional small tent may be erected on the same pitch as the main tent, subject to authorisation by the Management and payment for the 2nd tent according to the price list. Any structures not agreed at reception will be removed immediately.
Article 14 Notwithstanding the previous, rental accommodation may be occupied from 16:00 on the Saturday of arrival, and must be vacated by 10:00 on the Saturday of departure. Furniture from rental accommodation must not be taken outside or moved. Customers are responsible for all equipment allocated to them.
Article 15 Inside the campsite, motorised vehicles are prohibited, and may only access pitches or rental accommodation on arrival and departure, and only between 8:00 and 14:00 and from 16:30 to 23:00. Immediately after arrival, cars must be parked in the dedicated parking area, which is accessible 24/7. The management declines all responsibility for theft or damage of any kind occurring in the car park.
Article 16 It is strictly forbidden to park vehicles, boats, canoes and similar on the pitches. The management is not responsible for theft and damage of any kind.
Article 17 Guests (i.e. anyone spending more than 1 hour on the site with friends or family) must present an identity document at the office and pay the GUEST rate, as stated in the price list. Campers wishing to receive guests must inform the management promptly, so that numbers can be managed. In high season, the Management reserves the right to check maximum permitted numbers before accepting guests.
Article 18 Visitors may spend a maximum of 1 hour at the campsite, having left an identity document at reception.
Article 19 Campers are reminded to respect others’ peace and quiet, particularly during silent periods, from 14:00 to 16:30 and from 23:00 to 8:00. During silent times, the following are strictly forbidden: a) The use of TV, radio or musical instruments loud enough to be heard by others; b) Movement in vehicles, camper vans, motorbikes or similar; c) Bicycles; d) Washing machines; e) Noise and disturbance. Campers who cause disturbance to others will be removed immediately. Any damage caused to the image of Camping Pionier Etrusco will be charged to campers.
Article 20 Bicycles must not be used or parked in the areas near the bar, restaurant and stage.
Article 21 ll campers using the shared toilet blocks are required to leave them clean after use. Sinks for washing dishes and clothes may not be used for personal hygiene. The tidiness, cleanliness and correct functioning of the shared facilities depend on the civilised and respectful behaviour of campers. Clothing and behaviour must be appropriate at all times, and not provoke complaints. Inappropriate or noisy conduct will result in immediate removal from the campsite.
Article 22 For the safety of the campsite and all customers, campers are reminded that they must use legal and fire-resistant cables to connect to the electricity posts and ensure that appliances are earthed. Electricity is always available up to 3 Amperes per post (e.g. 3 amps is sufficient for a lamp, a TV and a fridge simultaneously). Customers must refrain from using electrical appliances with higher capacity, such as irons, fans, hairdryers etc. Any tripped switches will be repaired during the day by campsite staff.
Article 23 Campers are reminded that Camping Pionier Etrusco operates differentiated waste collection. Containers are indicated on the site plan and duly signposted.

Article 24 It is strictly forbidden:
a) To keep cans of petrol on site and to transfer petrol or other flammable liquids;
b) To light fires, use barbecues or anything else that produces flames and/or sparks, except in the dedicated area;
c) To store more than one gas bottle;
d) To set up barriers or screens, fixed tables or washing lines; clothes should be dried on racks. It is strictly forbidden to block the passage between pitches, except where expressly authorised by the Management;
e) To use fire hoses, except for their proper use;
f) To connect to the electricity supply (posts) without prior permission by the Management and payment for its use;
g) To wash cars and camper vans;
h) To throw litter on the ground; campers are invited to use the dedicated containers;
i) To damage plants and trees with nails, disfigure tree trunks with blades or nails, cut branches or any other action which may damage the natural surroundings;
j) To waste water, potable or otherwise;
l) To dig holes or channels in the ground.

Article 25 Any illness which is infectious or presumed to be infectious must be reported promptly to the Management.

Article 26 The Management is not responsible:
a) For any damage, theft or injury occurring inside the campsite, since it is an open structure.
b) For any damage due to falling branches, pine cones or trees, and wind, lightning, storms or any other natural events.

Article 27 Camper vans and caravans with their towing vehicles must comply with legal requirements for road use, insurance and all requirements of customs and tax, for which their users are entirely responsible.
Article 28 Guests accept that failure to comply with these regulations may entail – at the Management’s discretion – removal from the campsite, notwithstanding full payment of the stay.
Article 29 For any disputes, the competent authority is the court of Civitavecchia